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Smart Bag Labels

Each Beebag comes with a NFC Tag and Smart QR Code Label that enables you to collect reward when scanned with the Beebag App.

Sustainable Delivery

All Beebag products are shipped in 100% compostable mailers and packaging.

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What are Beebags made out of?
All Beebag tote bags and foldable bags are made from Recycled Polyester (RPET). Aside from this, our Mighty bee is made from Polypropylene, which is known for its durability and high recyclability.
Do all Beebags come with NFC Tags?
Yes, all Beebags come with an NFC Tag and a smart QR bag label.
What are the NFC Tags for?
The NFC Tags act as a verification that a user is using a Beebag. Users will be prompted to scan the NFC Tag during the reward collection process.
How do I earn rewards with my Beebag?
You can start earning rewards in 4 simple steps! 

Step 1: Reuse your Beebag at a local store
Step 2: Click the Scan button on the Beebag App
Step 3:
Select the reward that’s available at the store
Step 4: Scan the Smart Beebag Label to collect the reward

Where can I earn rewards with a Beebag?
You can collect rewards at almost all major retail chains in Malaysia or even your local mom-and-pop stores. Beebag has over 3,000 rewarding hotspots across Malaysia, and it's only going to get higher! Fret not, if your favorite store is not a Beebag rewarding hotspot yet, drop us a recommendation at support@beebag.co and we'll add them in! 
How does Beebag ship its products?
We ship our products sustainably & responsibly. All Beebag products are shipped in 100% home compostable mailers.
Does Beebag have a retail store?
Beebag doesn't have a retail store at the moment, but you can get a Beebag from our participating reseller partners or our website here. Drop us a suggestion if you'd like to see a Beebag retail store!
Where can I buy a Beebag?
You can get a Beebag offline from our participating reseller partners or online through our website here.